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1: Seeker

I recently applied for a modest contract with Vodafone at your FOLKESTONE branch. I went through the routine of applying but at the end of the application having given all my details Vodafone’s credit check department refused my application. No explanation was given.

I have never been in debt and I have never had a County Court Judgement. I work full time. I have been with Vodafone for as long as I can remember and you have accepted my money quite readily in the past, as your records will show.

All I can think is my places of abode has been linked to a previous tenant  who had bad credit, but had nothing to do with me. Or perhaps because I have never had a credit card I am being stigmatized. I was brought up in a generation where you don’t borrow money.

I walked into Vodafone looking forward to setting up a contract, I left being made to feel like a second class citizen.

Malcolm Laye

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16: Advanced member

If you are a current Vodafone PAYM customer, and adding extra line, then you should not have to go theough Credit Check.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Allotment16


If this is a new contract, creditors look at your previous credit history and repayments.


Whilst you are in an enviable position being debt free and without a credit card, it does not help with building up your credit rating and improving your credit score, this is one time where having some debt is not such a bad idea and will give creditors something to base your credit worthinesss and repayment history.


Credit reference agencies are there to help and give advise on how to improve credit rating.  Hopefully when you reapply in three months time after giving your credit file time to recover there won't be any problems.


However, as Getafix mentioned if you are an existing custimer with a contract, you would have already been credit checked and should be able to take out an additional line.


Please see the link here for additional information:  Credit Checks





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