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Customer Service

2: Seeker



Does anyone else have issues with Vodafone Customer Service?? I have been trying since 0930 this morning to speak to someone on live chat but "all agents are currently busy". I have had shocking customer service from them numerous times and have asked to leave several times but they want to sting me with massive charges!! I know I am tied into a contract with them but I just feel like I always have poor service from them. I have been a customer with them for over 10 years and always get phone calls offering me stupid deals like  asecond contract as I am such a "loyal" customer. I just want out!!



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14: Advanced member

If nobody had issues with Customer Service this forum would not exist.  As it is,  look at the number of messages. 


Leave at the end of your contract and it will cost you nothing.  No mobile provider will allow you to walk away from a live contract FOC unless they are admitting to some major failing on their part.

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2: Seeker

I was only looking for a general opinion from people, not looking for sarcastic replies such as yours. Of course I know that I cant quit my contract I am not stupid!! As before I was just looking for experiences from other people!!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Clairabel 


Sometimes things do go wrong which I'm sure many accept. 

It's then down to how this is put right which instils confidence back into the product and services. 


Personally I've had good support from Vodafone as a Payg customer.


Perhaps try the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook and Twitter.


My apologies at having to send you elsewhere to engage with Vodafone UK as I appreciate you came here , signed up and created a post to reach out for help but the Team here can no longer help with Account based issues.


But it's the same Social Media Teams here that help and assist via Facebook and Twitter.


The Social Media links I've provided are the Official links that the Vodafone Forum Team here would provide you once they caught up and have read your thread.


Things have changed as they have decided that help and assistance with account based issues would be best supported that way.


I appreciate not everyone wants to use Social Media however it takes but a few moments to create a Twitter or Facebook account and then can be forgotten if necessary. Just a thought.


Please remember to include the link to your forum post, along with your username.


If it's not account based perhaps we as fellow customers can help and guide you.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Clairabel 


If you were able to give a brief explanation of your issues it would give the forum team something to go on when they get round to the thread.


Live Chat can get very busy but if you keep the window open, you will generally get a connection when an advisor become available.

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