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2: Seeker

 I  have already paid the debt  of £123.14, however unbeknown to me Vodafone have passed my details onto Transunion who has activated a default on my credit score.

This is unjust, as I have never been given a default warning by Vodafone, and they have unlawfully passed my details onto Transunion and I only found this  out from my broker that this has been performed.

 I have made countless frantic  phone  calls to Vodafone only to be given the run around  and claims that the credit file department is closed from Mondays- Fridays, and Weekends. 

I've not spoken to a British person, but instead have been put through to a Filipino Call Center,  (no offence to the Phillipines) this is not acceptable.  Furthermore when I did speak to a Vodafone Filipino employee I was assured that I would receive a email confirmation to say that this default on my credit score would be removed and the status changed to satisfied, but it will take 2 Hours for the email confirmation to be recieved. As I type this now, this Morning I have spoken to the  Call Center and the time is now 15:40pm and I still have not received any email.   All I want is for the default to be simply removed from my Credit Score and so far I have not been able to get anywhere. It appears that Vodafone does not want to inform Transunion to update the incorrect Credit Score that they have on me, despite the fact that I have already paid this debt in full.


This is appalling for a Business as big as Vodafone to behave like that to their customers and ex-customers.

I owed a debt of £123.14 which has been paid off and you are punishing me for this, when there are individuals who owe £50,000,000 and they are still able to get a loan. And their details have not been passed to a Credit Agency.

So me owning £123.14 has left me being treated like a person who is in Bankruptcy because I am now being denied a loan for 6 Years. And in order for Transunion to update my Credit Score it will take 30 days another punishment added to me.

I want to believe that Vodafone has compassion for people, but the way I am being treated makes me doubt Vodafone very much.

Nowhere did they say to me  are you aware that you have a default on your Credit File, since you have paid the debt in full we can help you to remove the default that has already been placed on your file. It is the duty of care of the agent I was speaking to at that time to inform me about this.

 Please see the transcipt information below, as atttached.


Please note I have tried to call the Credit File Department, there is no number/email to speak with them directly. As advised by a kind Filipino employee. By the way the Filipino employees change their names very often and claim that nobody going by that name works in that department.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Tia038 


I appreciate how damaging a default can be from my own personal circumstances.


Vodafone UK are not required to pre warn an account holder they are adding a default.


If they feel a default is warranted they will add it if monies had not been paid and  can and will pass details to a debt collection company i.e sell the debt and let the debt collection company own the debt and will collect on this.


Many companies and networks do this which in my understanding is allowed.


The actual amount of the debt does not control how they proceed. We have seen people have a default applied for very small amounts too.


The Vodafone Credit File Specialist Teams are not customer facing so you can only go through customer services or the Vodafone Social Media Team via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries who have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can look into this for you.


Paying the monies owed after it was owed does change the status of the default from outstanding to settled which looks better on a credit file. This can take around 30 days as the Credit Houses amend the information.


However the default will still show for 6 years.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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