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2: Seeker



The vodafone website says that you can cap data on all pay monthly tablet contracts purchased after 28th Sept 16? Despite asking for a data cap across all my accounts some month ago and being led to beleive that this was done, I am now being told that you cant put a data cap on my pay monthly ipad which was taken out after 28th Sept 16? Does anybody know why?


Vodafone recently commented that they are comittmed to making bill shock a thing of the past - absolute rubbish!.  Read more:


I am so disappointment in Vodafone, despite being a business  customer for nearly 20 years I will be cancelling contracts when each one comes up for renewal.  Not only will they be losing a loyal customer but I will be putting in a formal complaint to Ofcom and escaling this compalint to the ombudsman.


Sad times :-(


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17: Community Champion

This is a consumer rather than a business forum and I'm not sure what the capping options are for business customers.  However, having said all that, the forum team here, even if they can't help you directly, should be able to point you in the right direction.   Juts hang on for them to pick up this thread.

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I'm sorry to see you were misadviced with this @sarahjkent.
Any tablet plans purchased after 28 September 2016 do have the data capping option available.
As you've mentioned you're a Business customer, this can be added by inserting your SIM into a mobile and sending a text with 'CAP ON' to 40506, or by calling 191 from a Vodafone mobile.

Please let us know how you get on.

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