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Data Cap

14: Advanced member
14: Advanced member

Hi Folks, 


I am having an issue when trying to apply a data cap to one of my numbers. 


I have tried online and via the app but the option for applying a data cap is not available within ‘mobile data options’ under ‘services and extras’. 


The option is visible for my other number and I have had it applied for several months. 


I have spoken to 191 and live chat who have been unable to help. They have advised I can apply a spend cap (I can also do this myself online), but that is a different cap that will prevent any extra charges, which I am not keen to apply. 


The agents I’ve spoken to say they get an error message saying ‘too many data caps applied’ when they try and apply it for me. 


I’ve basically been told tough and to keep an eye on usage via the app. Whilst this is a good temporary suggestion I’d have felt better if they had tried to escalate to get it fixed. 


Anyone have any advice or thoughts?

Would one of the advisers on here be able to help me out beyond what I’ve been told so far?


Thanks in advance