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Data going quicker Vs competitor

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2: Seeker

Hi All,


So I moved to Vodafone around 2 months ago and taking advantage of one of their 30gb 4G data sims.  I’ve been used to 10gb for yeeeeeeaaars from EE and never really gone over (came close).  


But im noticing on Vodafone that my data goes really quick, that quick that I’m suspecting something dodgy is going on and that I’m not actually getting what I’m paying for.  I’m not using my phone any more than I normally would, I don’t use it for tethering and nothing is running in the background.  (I’m quite clued up when comes to technology).   


So im baffled, why am I eating up close to 29gb a month? Anyone else had this issue?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Mull1t


What phone are you using please ?

Some phones can auto switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data if the connection dips. Turning off Mobile Data in the phone will stop this and stop your data allowance being used when on Wi-Fi. 

Some phones make use of both mobile data and Wi-Fi to enhance the user experience. 

When you've looked at it's internal data monitor does this show what's used the Data? 

Vodafone UK would only be able to advise how much has been used but not what on.

Maybe location based apps have updated/ changed meaning more data is being used. 

Internet pages change which can include more rich content which uses more data. 

On my Samsung Galaxy s8 phone I have an advert blocker which means I use less data and my pages load faster. 

Some internet browsers also have features that means they use less data too. 

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Mull1t


The first thing to do is to look at your applications, the phone will have an inbuilt data monitor. If you are using Android, this can be found in settings, mobile data.  This will bring up a list of applications and should pretty well tell you the application responsible for the usage. If you adjust the graph, you should get a warning when you are close to your monthly allowance.


If you are uploading any photos, this can be very data intensive and is best done over a WiFi connection.


It is recommended to enable the data cap from the link here:  Data Capping this will prevent any nasty bill shock.


There is also further help and support from the link here: Managing your data usage


Hope the above helps and you are able to find the reason for using so much data.