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Debt collector charging me for unpaid bills 10 months after account has been closed

1: Seeker

I have received letters from Capital Resolve Ltd in March and now from Ardent Credit both debt collectors asking for debts owed to Vodafone. My account was closed back on August 8th 2020 and I have the email confirming this. Despite this I was continued to be charged for the following two months and after speaking on the phone with your help team I was led to believe the mistake by Vodafone was resolved and I would be credited the monies that had been taken from me by mistake. The monies were never returned and a few months later I got the first letter from a debt collection service instructed by yourselves. So again I wasted a very long time on the phone trying to resolve this to again be told the matter had been closed, but again no refund and a month later another letter this time from a different Debt collector. This has taken up a huge amount of my time and caused a great deal of distress and I am still owed money from Vodafone. Can someone please contact me who can resolve this issue rather than tell me more lies that it has been solved, and also ensure this has not been recorded against my credit rating and if so contact the necessary parties to resolve this also.


Please see attached the email confirming the termination of the account and also evidence of the subsequent payments.


[MOD EDIT: Attachment has been removed to remove personal information, please see Community Guidelines]

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17: Community Champion

Hi @conormills 


I can understand why you'd be unimpressed if your being contacted by debt collection agencies if Vodafone Agents have advised everything is cleared.

Something must be being missed by the Vodafone Agents for Vodafone's Systems to kick in and start recovery processes.

I'd advise if you haven't already done so to tell the Debt Collection Agencies of the situation and then they'll pass this back to Vodafone and cease Collection.

May I advise that your 2nd attachment holds some personal information that you may not want on an open forum. ( flagged )

The Vodafone Social Media Team's here can't help with account associated issues on the forum so if you'd still like their help then this will have to be carried out by you contacting them on Facebook or Twitter.

The links are in Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

Include your forum name and a link to your thread here so your not having to repeat yourself.

Also if this was my I'd also check my Credit File to make sure no negative marker has been applied, or a Default that lasts 6 years.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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