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Default Registered when bill was paid.

2: Seeker

Hi, I recently changed my mobile phone contract and had a final bill to pay on direct debit. Vodafone never took the last payment but I wasn't aware as I have no need to keep track of my outgoings. Few months later I receive a letter from a debt collector stating my debt has been passed to them. I paid the bill instantly but was annoyed I have never received any communication that the bill was still outstanding. To frustrate me even more I now find a default has been registered on my credit file. I have spoken to your credit team who told me that this wouldn't happen. I do I go about getting this rectified and the default removed from my account.



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Community Manager

Hello @peds2002 thanks for getting in touch, I know how important it is to have the right information on your credit report. 

Your final payment is usually automatically taken, as long as the Direct Debit isn't cancelled via the bank - so we can look into this and the default that's been applied further, please come and chat to my team over social media.

Please remember include your community username and a link to your post, then you won't need to explain things again. 

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