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Default from Vodafone on my credit report

1: Seeker

I have recently applied for a mortgage and to my surprise the application was declined. Reason - credit check fail. The thing is that I have never missed a payment on anything and so my  mortgage adviser told me to get my credit report from experian and find out what is causing the issue. What I discovered is that Vodafone recorded a default on my account that I believed has been closed, the default is for £46). The contract has run out at that time and so I contacted Vodafone and told them to close the account and that I'll be moving my number to 3 and so I did. As far as I was concerned my Vodafone account was settled. Vodafone never contacted my about the £46. If they did I would have paid it. Even if the payment was to be one month late it would not damage my credit profile. Is it even legal to default my account without some sort of communication to let me know? 

Straight after I got my credit report I called Vodafone and paid the £46 over the phone they could not find my account for me to pay the money and get the  default  Removed.  I asked them if I can get the default removed from my credit file and they couldn't tell me so they asked me to wait and that they will be in touch within 5 days. Yeah right... I called them again after 5 days and asked them to remove the default. I was told that it cannot be done because I did not pay my bill for 10 months. I was furious after the phone call. How can I pay for a bill that I dont know even existed?

I would really appriciate some help with this matter. I know that some people have been successful with getting the default removed. Thanks

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17: Community Champion

I'm not surprised your frustrated about this @Salah11

What we see is that a person gives notice via 30 days or uses a Pac which cancels the contract as soon as the new network use it but they then also choose to close down the direct debit. 

It can take Vodafone 2-4 weeks to send out the final bill which is collected via the direct debit. 

Then Vodafone send out a Sorry Your Leaving Letter and £0 bill which confirms full contract closure. 

So if Vodafone cannot collect and feel they've exhausted their avenues they can add a default on a person's credit file without having to pre advise the account holder.

Let the Vodafone Social Media Team here catch up with your thread and bring you in away from the open forum to pass security checks and they'll help you further with this situation by passing your info to their credit file specialist teams for consideration. 

Vodafone had an account overhaul not too long ago which js why the frontline agent may not be able to find your account.

By paying it off then the status will change from Outstanding to Settled which looks better and I appreciate your not at that stage yet.


More info in Default-on-your-Credit-File-and-How-to-add-a-Notice-of-Correction. 

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Hi @Salah11 I understand how frustrating this is. I can't comment on anything at the moment due to not having your account details. We'll need to find them and address this right away. Please send us over your details via the private message I've sent you. 

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2: Seeker

I’ve found myself in the exact same situation. I had a contract 4 years ago, which I was paying monthly. I cancelled this, or so I thought. To find out 3 years later when trying to apply for a car on finance that I have a default of £25. 

The contract was cancelled and I had nothing to pay. Even if there was a delay in the cancellation and I did owe one more months bill I would have paid this had I known. 

I don’t think it’s right Vodafone have simply defaulted this without asking for a payment.

this default on my credit file now is having a massive impact on my life as I won’t be able to get a car on finance for me to be able to get to work.

please advise 

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I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've been having @Jbinks. The Credit File Specialist in our team will be more than happy to take a look into this default for you.

So they can investigate further, please get in touch with us using the private message I've sent out to you. 

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