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Default mark put in error by Vodafone over 3 years ago, balance to pay £0, mark still there

2: Seeker

Dear Vodafone,


Today I just learned that my credit file carries a Defaulted mark from Vodafone put in wrong.

I had a conversation over the web-chat and been assured it will be sorted today (as you can see from the chat transcript attached).

At the end of the chat, I've been told I need to call to a certain number and they will deal with the matter for me.

I called the number straight away, a gentleman answered and after explaining part of the problem, he said he is the wrong department but he will have a word with his colleagues from the right department and put me through, without me having to repeat myself.

(That sound too good to be true)

I've been transferred and surprise, the lady from the other and asks me how she can help me. At this point everything collapsed, but I tried to stay calm and started explaining the situation, unfortunately she was from the Credit Assessment and I needed Credit File department, which is closed over the weekend.


As you can see from the conversation attached, my balance is 0 (ZERO) and this is the way it's been eversince I ended my contract with Vodafone, unfortunately Vodafone did it in wrong and never removed it, so it stayed with me for all these years, dragging my Credit Score down and not being able to access any credit for my business or personal use.


My question is, how is Vodafone pay me back what they caused and how much time I have to spent to get it removed once for all?


Thank you for your time.


With respect,



===================CONVERSATION TRANSCRIPT========================

DATE/TIME: 2020-06-06 11:56:58
Your Chat Transcript
The following is a record of your online chat with Vodafone today
Codrut : Hello
Meet : Hello, you're with Melissa, one of Vodafone's specialists. How can I help you today?
Codrut : My name is Codrut Marius Gherasim, my phone number is 07393xxxxxx. I had a contract with Vodafone that ended in 2018. I clearly remember that I paid everything, but know I discovered a Derogatory mark on my credit report dated xxxxxxxxxx and showing that I owe you £115. I wonder why, as I clearly remember that I paid everything
Codrut : I just want the derogatory mark to be removed. Please help me out
Meet : Let me check.
Meet : Please let me know your email address.
Codrut : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Meet : For security reasons, could you please confirm the 2nd and 3rd digit of your My Vodafone Account PIN?
Codrut : xxxxxxx
Codrut : I hope


Meet : That matches our records! Thank you for verifying your details.
Meet : Please allow me a minute to check your account.
Codrut :


Meet : Your account is successfully closed and you have nothing left to pay.
Meet : Balance is Zero.
Meet : And its clean.
Meet : Let me have a word with my Manager regarding the Remark.
Codrut : I knew it
Meet : Please give me a minute.
Codrut : Can I send you a picture with what I've got?
Meet : no worries, We have the exact same detail on the account as well so no worries i will find a solution for you right away.
Codrut : It says Defaulted (in red) and it says I owe you £115...
Codrut : Please help me


Codrut : As I'm sure I've paid everything
Meet : I promise it would be resolved over this chat.
Codrut : Great. Can I get a confirmation, somehow?
Meet : Please allow me some time.
Meet : I am having a word with the Manager.
Codrut : No problem
Meet : Thank you so much for being online. I appreciate the patience.
Codrut : No worries
Meet : I have checked your account with my Manager and we have confirmed there is no error with the payment part.

Please dial 191 and ask for Credit assessment team.
Meet : Team will look into this and make proper changes for you.
Meet : And your issue would be resolved in immediate effect,
Codrut : Great. Thank you very much
Meet : I am also pasting notes and our conversation on your account.
Meet : So it would work as a reference for the team.
Codrut : Will this number charge me more the usual as now I am with three
Codrut : That's great. Thank you very much
Meet : No worries, They will be there in immediate effect and let me give you other number.
Meet : Please wait.
Codrut :


Meet : 03333040191
Codrut : Sweet
Meet : Please dial it from your Three mobile number.
Meet : You're welcome.
Codrut : Thank you very much for everything
Meet : You're welcome.
Meet : Thank you for contacting Vodafone.
Codrut : Have a great day
Codrut : Np
Meet : Wish you the same.
Meet : Take care.
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17: Community Champion

Hi @Cikabum 


As there is no account access assistance via this forum I would suggest to engage with the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries as they have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate this for you.

Link back to your thread here including your forum username so your not having to repeat yourself.

I'd suggest the twitter route.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 



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