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Default on my account

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back in 2015 I helped my then boss set us a vodafone account for an internet dongle in his company's name. I then left the company around a year later.

Turns out after I left my old boss was able to call vodafone and transfer the bill from his company to my personal details without my permission.

I obviously had no knowledge of this and he proceeded to ignore all the bills the were still being sent to his business address.

When Vodafone sent a letter to my home in September 2017 I was confused so rang customer services and they told me there was an outstanding bill for the internet dongle which had been transferred I asked to cancel the account because I shouldn't be in my name to start with and I don't have the dongle. I was told I need to pay the outstanding bill to cancel it. Know my old boss would never pay it I said I would pay it to make this go away and cancel the account.

I then received a letter in decembersaying my account was in default and the debt would go to baliffs if I didn't pay the bill. I called again and to find out what was going on because I had paid the bill to cancel the account.


I was told there was another bill hadn't been paid (why I wan't told this at the time I have know idea).


There is now a default on my credit report over a £17 bill for a service I have never used and wasn't even in my name.


I have tried to get hold of vodafone to sort this but just get sent around in cirles. Has anyone else had any luck?


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@christo_wilson I'm so sorry to hear about the experience you've had - I understand this must have been extremely worrying and frustrating for you. So I can take a closer look into everything for you, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch. I'll then be able to help you further. 

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