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Default or Repossession (VODAFONE LTD GEMINI)"

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi Guys,


"You have had at least one account in Default or Repossession (VODAFONE LTD GEMINI)"


I've noticed this on my credit file but I have never had a Vodaphone account. I've tried calling speaking to an agent via chat and he couldnt find my details via postcode, mobile number and name.


When i try to call customer service, because i dont have a phone number registered it will not connect me to anyone!


This is the only 'Negative' on my profile and I would very much like to get this cleared up.


Anyone know the correct steps to get this looked into and resolved?






17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The Social Media Team here will catch up with your post and reply to you. 

If you've never had a Vodafone Ac count then this needs investigating as possible fraud. 

In the interim you can contact Experian and add a Notice of Correction while Vodafone investigate. 

Some info in > Default-on-your-Credit-File-And-How-to-add-a-Notice-of-Correction.

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@richjlawrence - This is strange! We can certainly look into why it’s showing on your Credit File.

So that one of the credit specialists in my team can help further, please send us your details by following the steps in this private message.

There is no private message?

@richjlawrence - Please check your private message box again and follow the steps from there. 

Hi. Received your private message thank you. However youve asked me to click a link to file a report but thre is no link.


Please advise.


Thank you



Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@richjlawrence Sorry for any confusion caused, you should have a hyperlink where it says here.

If this is no the case or the link does'nt work, please let us know and we'll resend this to you. 

Please let us know how you get on :Smiling:

Hi JohnJ


I am having exactly the same issue on my credit report and am not with Vodafone wither. I have exactly the same reason for bringing my score down as follows; 


Negative 1

You have had at least one account in Default or Repossession (VODAFONE LTD GEMINI)
This has got fraud written all over it. Please can you also email me what needs to be filled in or whatever the process is to have this removed. It will not let me add my email address here so maybe the process needed now is different to emailing me? Anyway please let me know. 
Many thanks
Graham Carter

Community Manager
Community Manager

@graham81 - This doesn’t sound good, although we can get this investigated for you.

I’ve sent you a private message with how to send us your details.

One of the credit specialists in my team will then be in touch.

Hi, could you help me with the same issue, Vodafone Default in my credit score from 2015 and I have called Vodafone and they said that there is no payment to pay