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Default to credit rating - URGENT

2: Seeker


I used to have an account with Vodaphone about 6 years ago, now i am trying to apply for a mortgage and is failing to go through just because of the default account on my experian credit score.

My stepfather has passed away and i was in Germany until end of April 2012. I didn't receive the bill on time, and once i got back to UK i have made the payment straight away, i was never notified that this was put in default on my credit report. Until then I have been with Vodafone for 6 years and always paid my bills on time even with much higher amounts than this last one. The default was put on 3rd June 2012, even though by that time the balance of 131£ was settled already.  

Could i please kindly ask you to remove this default from my credit record as soon as possible. 

Please get in touch with me on [Removed] as soon as possible 

This matter is very urgent, as it stops me to get mortgage and other borrowings. 

i would appreciate it.


kind regards

Anna Maj  


[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information content please see Community Guidelines]

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17: Community Champion



Please remove your number as this is an open forum. (Flagged)

I really do sympathise with you regarding what happened with your loss.

Vodafone are not duty bound to forewarn a person if a default is going to be applied if they have exhausted avenues of.collecting payment.

If warranted then a default will remain for 6 years. It wouldn't be removed earlier. 

It's status would change from outstanding to settled on a credit file. 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @annamaj


The bill would still have been available online for you to view.  If you were abroad not using the phone and the bill remained unpaid, Vodafone would have made every effort to contact you by phone and letter, when there was no response to the communication and you were still owing money you would put yourself in default.


You may find that the best you will be able to achieve for the moment is with the debt being marked as settled and this is something creditors should take into account but unfortunately the slightish blemish will be sufficient to deter a lender.  Fortunately, the defaut will only remain for 6 years before it is removed from your records and you don't have much longer to go.


Credit reference agencies are there to help, a file is updated every 30 days, they will be able to give some good advise and let you know when the default is due to drop off.


If you wait for the Team to contact you, they will be able to see what happened and see if anything, can be done.



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2: Seeker


thanks for your answer, i appreciate that, however this account was settled before it went into default on my credit report, this is unacceptable. I would really appreciate if you or your colleagues could get in touch with me and have this sorted, as its been more than 5 years now, the account is settled before June 2012. 

I would appreciate if you could look into this matter in more depth and not just giving me your standard answer, or please provide me with some contact details whith whom i can discuss this. I know that in fact it is possible to remove the default from the credit report before 6 years is over. 


thank you


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17: Community Champion

Hi @annamaj


It won't be Vodafone's standard answer and neither it it mine, I don't work for Vodafone.


As mentioned give the Team who do work for Vodafone time to get to the thread, and they will be able to see how long it was before you settled the arrears and see if anything can be done.

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17: Community Champion

Up to now it's been customers who have replied to your thread. 

Vodafone have a duty of care to report instances on a person's credit file. 

The quickest way is to speak to customer services via Live Chat or from a working vodafone sim card 191 or wait until the team here catch up and will private message you in order to pass security protocols.  


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@annamaj - I’m sorry to hear this.

We can take a look at your account. Please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

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