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2: Seeker

I was wondering if there’s any way to get in contact with the credit team? I had a pay monthly account and as I no longer had access to the SIM card I had to cancel and pay a final bill to close the account. I was assured that the final bill (for £21) would be sent out to be as I had no access to the app etc. When I didn’t receive the bill I rang up and was told I will receive this. I have also been in touch through social media. However as I was struggling to get through the bill went unpaid. I had no further correspondence and no notice of default until the debt collection letter came through the door which I swiftly paid. 
However, now having a default on my account has had a detrimental effect on my credit file for a payment I had tried to make. Is there any way to speak to the credit team to discuss the situation? I’ve had no luck up to now and I really need some help. 
thank you! 

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17: Community Champion

I understand how damaging a default can be from my own personal experiences @samanthap95  however paying the monies owed wouldn't remove the default which lasts 6 years.

It would change the status of the default from Outstanding to Settled.

It's best practice to leave the Direct debit in place until all payments have been caught up however people do on occasion cancel this too early leaving Vodafone no collection process.

I appreciate that you've tried to pay.

Vodafone do not have to pre warn a customer they are adding a default and usually do this if they can't collect payment and involve debt collection agencies.

The Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate, however if a default is warranted they wouldn't remove it as they have a duty of care to report such instances.

The Credit File Specialist Team are not customer facing so you cannot speak to them yourself.


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