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Delay receiving text messages

1: Seeker

Some messages that people have sent to my mobile have not been received until several hours after they have been sent.  My phone has been in an area with good reception.  Is there a way I find out why this is happening?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @TysonIvanovich 


Try going into your message application, storage, cleare cache and data.


Although you mention having good network at the location, this may still be a network issue.  Also, take a look at how old the SIM is, when a SIM has been used for a long time it starts to do some strange things and a replacement SIM may solve the issue.  Try doing  a manual roam from your network settings, networks, manual, select any other network wait for it to reject the request and back onto Vodafone followed by a reboot, this will refresh and update the network on your phone.


If you speak to Vodafone they will be able to make sure your text messages are hitting the message centre for forwarding onto your phone.


There is further info for you here:

 Device Guides 

Network Issues 




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