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Do we actually own our numbers?

1: Seeker

Bit of a weird one but i was wondering if people actually own their mobile numbers? Like do they actually belong to us, like they’re our property, or do they ultimately remain property of a network - like Vodafone? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Dan3485 


The number remains the property of the network. 


If a contract is cancelled without the use of a PAC,  the number is returned to the originating network for reissue.  There is not an infinite number of mobile telephone number and once disconnected it will always be recycled.


However, providing we keep the number active and don't cancel the contract, it is the customers number to keep and port out to an alternative network if wanted.



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17: Community Champion

My viewpoint is as long as we pay our Bill's  and not.cancel the contract by giving 30.days notice the number remains ours.



As we can Pac to another network and take the Vodafone number with us Vodafone let us have ownership of the number to take with us.


You may find information in the Terms-and-conditions.



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16: Advanced member

The Number is owned by the Network it is on.
Having said that you have a right to take the Number as long as you have maintained your Contract and not been disconnected due to your Fault. That includes any criminal activity.

Basically if there is any valid reason for Netwrok to terminate your contract, they can take your number away.

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