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Do you have to call to cancel a contract?

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I am going abroad on July the 31st to a country not included in the free Global Roaming addition. The second anniversariy of my contract is coming up on August the 5th and I want to end that contract as I'll be gone until the end of December. 

Unfortnatley I have no idea if my phone (iPhone SE) is locked on Vodafone's network or how log will it take to unlock it, so therefore I have no idea how long will it take for me to be able to cancel my contract.

Is there anyway of doing it online?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Phoneuser99 


Please see here: 


How to cancel your Vodafone contract?


Unlock Phone


If you are only going to be abroad until the end of December and would like to keep the number, Vodafone will be able to transfer the number to PAYG.  You will only need to top up with a small amount of credit and make some chargeable activity to keep the SIM active and this can even be done by a relative in the UK in any phone. 

This will enable you to take a contract out when you return to the UK with the same number.

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17: Community Champion



Your iPhone will be locked to the Vodafone Network as are all phones supplied by the network.


To unlock it you would need to fill out the Nuc form located under the quick links at the side of the forum page, or in the link I've supplied about leaving Vodafone.


After Vodafone accept your unlock request they then ask Apple to release the lock which can sometimes take Apple a further 30 + days.


An iPhone will unlock even if your out of the country as that phone is unique in the way that it does not need a Nuc but is released centrally by Apple.


To cancel a contract and not want to retain your mobile number then you'll need to give Vodafone 30 days notice via a phone call to them as they need you to pass security checks to confirm your the account holder.


Further information is available in / How-do-I-cancel-my-Pay-monthly-c...


On a side note > A person wanting to switch to a new network can now text to do this > ofcom. Text-to-switch-simple-to-switch-mobile-network.




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