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Double payment

2: Seeker



I am new here, it is also the first time I have an issue this big with Vodafone.


I had my bill payment taken twice last month, by direct debit. 


Once on a regular date, and second time 6 days after.


I’ve been a Vodafone customer for years, and it’s the first time something like that happened to me.


Apparently, they charged me again, cause for some reason they couldn’t  find the first payment in the system.


After my first phone call they found it, and are promising a refund everyday for the past 2 weeks...


Meanwhile a new bill for this month arrived, and I am tempted to cancel my DD, so they can use the money they owe me to clear the outstanding balance, but I am scared they will cut my service off?


Or should I just go to my bank, and ask them to reverse the DD? Is that possible?


Thank you in advance for your advice.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @lovepink44 


If there has been an error at the bank the best way to get this sorted is to invoke the direct debit guarantee, this is the banks own guarantee and they are obliged to honour it, you will then have the overcharge back in your account within 24 hours.


The other alternative is to leave things as they are, Vodafone will add the overpayment to your account as credit and will only take money owing over the credit next month.


It depends really on how much you need the money.

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