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Early upgrade query

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

My wife and I took out individual contracts through a 3rd party in March 2017 (2 days apart) We both want to early upgrade and are willing to pay the early upgrade fee as the current handset will cover the cost of upgrading. My query here is why is it that when we are both currently paying the same each month with the same current discount on each account for the same handsets and same allowances, why am I offered an early upgrade with a discount but they won't offer my wife the same discount? 


It doesn't make sense.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @csturgeon7


If you agreed your contract direct with Vodafone, you would be eligible for a flexi upgrade.  However, flexi upgrades are not eliglble when the contract was taken out through a third party.  Please see the link below.


flexi Upgrades


However, even if you both agreed a contract through a third party on the same tariff, you should both receive the same discount when upgrading direct with Vodafone.  


As alternative would be to pay off what remains of the contracts, this will leave you both free to negotiate new contracts for the numbers making Vodafone more generous with the discount.  However, discounts are not taken into account where early termination fees are concerned and you would be cancelling at the full price of the contracts.



Thanks @AnnS when I called Vodafone this am on 191 they were unable to explain why My offer was different. Frustrating as they couldn't give a reason, just said call back in a few months. Doesn't help me really when I am willing to renew for 24 months if the deal was mirrored to us both.