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Emily in Belfast Call Centre

2: Seeker

Dear Vodafone, 


I would just like to leave some extremely positive feedback for Emily in your Northern Ireland call centre,


I rang up to enquire about upgrading my phone, and not only did she answer my question extremely well. She went the extra mile and talked to me about my options. If I was veering to a certain make or model. Which I was kind of, she then went into comparing them with similar ones in the range and answered any questions I had regarding specs and such. And then went over my plans saying where my usage lay and helped me find a good plan that matched my needs. 

She then went over all of the T&C's and went through anything extra. And she then helped me even further by telling me how to apply my NHS discount to my contract. And provided me with all the tools needed to do. 


Vodafone, I have to say people like this who take customer service seriously, and deliver top 10/10 customer service to a standard that goes above and beyond answering a simple initial question are a major credit to your company. 


I passed on my thanks to Emily over the phone. But after what she has done, I felt it necessary to give a review on her and her amazing customer service and once again thank her for making my search for a new phone almost effortless. 


I really hope you pass on this feedback to her and I hope that you as an organisation know I am proud to be a Vodafone customer. 


Thank you, 


Best Wishes. 



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Thanks so much for sharing this with us @KevRifflegend, doing our best for you is what we aim for every day! I'm so glad you were happy with your experience with Emily over the phone. 

We really value your feedback and I've passed this on for you.

We're proud to have you with us at Vodafone 👍

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2: Seeker

Hi Natasha,

Thank you for passing along my comments and for the warm greetings. 


I would like to further point out that. Even though it was estimated on Friday, that I would receive my new handset today. It came bright and early Saturday morning. Which was a very nice surprise. 

So I wanted to pass along thanks for a speedy service in addition to your stellar customer service rep. 


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That's great to hear @KevRifflegend!

Hope you're enjoying your shiny new phone 📱✨

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