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Ending contract

2: Seeker

Ive given my 30 days notice to end a question is do i have a full month's bill to pay or was that already paid when i first took out the contract? Cos im sure i had to pay first month and another month up front meaning final month should be free?
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17: Community Champion



This Vodafone help link should explain >


You'll receive this in approx 2-4 weeks and taken via direct debit. 


Then Vodafone will send a £0 bill and sorry your leaving letter which confirms account cancellation. 


Please consider not cancelling the Direct Debit until Vodafone have taken any final payment(s) and if applicable applied any Refunds. And you have received the final bill by post, paid by Direct Debit and a £0 bill and Sorry Your Leaving Letter has been received that confirms the account is closed. (Please retain this paperwork) 


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16: Advanced member
You only pay one month in advance.

Whenever you give 30 day notice and the next bill within the notice period only charges you line rental until your notice date. If you don't have any out of Bundle usage then that amount will be taken and Zero bill will get issued.
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