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Pay monthly

Existing customer credit check for apple watch.

2: Seeker

I have been a Vodfone pay monthly custormer for about 18 years.  I want to get the apple watch and was just wondering if I will have to have a credit check.  I have a ccj on my file thanks to a 'delightful' ex who took a loan out in my name and which I've only recently found out about.

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17: Community Champion

I'm not sure about the credit check, but possibly.  However, more generally, it would be a good idea to get a note put on your credit file to try to head off future problems, albeit, if the loan is in your name, that may not be completely effective.   As there's a CCJ, you may need to take a legal route as well and you'd probably need professional advice of the way to proceed on that - Citizen's Advice would be a good place to start.

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13: Advanced Member

I added the £5 plan and despite an error saying I'd failed a credit check, Vodafone told me one hadn't been done, and I haven't see anything at to suggest they did one either.

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5: Helper

They are subject to a credit accept, but i think its more so on the Vodafone internal system more than an official credit check that will show up on your credit score Its just a check within vodafone by factors like how many lines you have already, the last time you took out an additional connection, any late or overdue balances in the last 6 months etc and many reasons like this and it just comes under a internal vodafone credit check.  

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