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Experience of porting to Vodafone SIM only

4: Newbie

I went to the local Vodafone shop on Saturday to move to a SIM only contract from another provider's SIM only contract. All fine. I gave them the PAC and VEA which were applied. I was told that I'd be able to use the Vodafone SIM straight away (on the temporary number) and that my old number would be ported over on the Tuesday.


1) The Vodafone SIM was inactive until the port on Tuesday. Not a huge big deal but I was given incorrect information.


2) I got texts asking about the service I got from Vodafone on Monday while I was still with the other provider. I didn't reply as I thought my old provider might charge for the short code number used.


3) On Wednesday night I got an email from Vodafone saying "Unfortunately, the number you've given us isn't active on our network. Unable to add the VEA discount". Further down the email I noticed the number they tried applying it to was the temporary number. As Vodafone ported my number over and knew that the temporary number now didn't exist it is a bit baffling why there's not a "if number doesn't exist then check if new ported number exists" before it bails out trying to apply the VEA. To be honest, I'd have thought the VEA would be applied to the customer number rather than the phone number.


Anyway, I spent 30mins on the phone with Vodafone last night and ended up going online to do the VEA thing again but this time with "I've already got a bundle". I don't know what is meant by a bundle but I guess it means "I've already got an active account with Vodafone". There was more head scratching later on with:


 "This number has been connected or upgraded in the last 30 days" - The number has been connected since 2001 when I was with Orange and I don't know how you 'upgrade' a number. I think it means "This number became active for the first time in the last 30 days or has been ported from another operator in the last 30 days"


The next one was


"I got this number from Vodafone rather than from one of our Indirect Partners (eg Carphone Warehouse) *"


I got the number from Orange 16 years ago. I think it should say "I got this CONTRACT from Vodafone rather than from one of our Indirect Partners (eg Carphone Warehouse) *"












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17: Community Champion



I'm not surprised your left scratching your head. 


Please hang in there for to Vodafone Tech team member to catch up with your thread and I'm sure they will help. 


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