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Failed Credit Check - Why? Because I passed with o2

4: Newbie

Tried to join you through Carphone Warehouse because you had a good deal advertised Have been with Vodafone before but left for o2 a couple of years ago.


I own my house, no mortgage pay my credit cards off in full every month, earn a good salary and have no debt anywhere other than a phone contract with o2 which I have never defaulted on. 


Experian list my credit rating as 999/999 


But not good enough for Vodafone 


Well it seems you are good at this as there are many people on here who have had the same issue 


and guess what even as a new account I passed the o2 credit check no problem 


Will ensure that the way you deal with new potential customers is well known and will be suggesting that some of the tech pages take this up and investigate 


how yoy you claim to be the best customer service is beyond belief 


Suggest people read the other threads on this and try o2 who seem to like people with good credit 




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @traby


This has happened previously when a contract has been taken out through Carphone and it turns out that Carphone did not even do a credit check and it has been a fault on Carphone systems, the computer comes back saying NO for no valid reason.


As in previous posts, it has been suggested that you go back to Carphone and insist they do a manual check and not a computer check, this could well come back in your favour.


There are some previous threads on the forum with customers having the same problem,  here is one but if you do a search, you may well find more.


The forum Team will pick this up as soon as possible, they will be able to get back to you and hopefully get your get to the bottom of this with Carphone who must be losing the network hundreds of customers.



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Too little too late 


Carphone Warehouse say that it is the network that does the check and not them 


Suggest YOU as Vodafone take this up with CPW because you will lose and annoy many good prople and the deals you are offering are good but if unobtainable for new customers pointless 


I am only £25 down over life if the contract less than £1 per month but am still incensed that you have refused credit


I work hard to keep a good credit record and to be refused Credit is like a red tag to a bull 


Please confirm whether a fail has been noted on my credit file and if so why 



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @traby @AnnS Is a customer just like you. Vodafone representatives have the Vodafone logo next to their name. 


@AnnS Was only offering advice. 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Having a good Credit Score does not guarantee acceptance Unfortunatley.

Perhaps go direct with Vodafone UK to open up a contract.

Sometimes a soft search can be performed which is designed not to leave a footprint on a credit file.

Neither Carphone Warehouse or Vodafone UK would discuss why a person has not been accepted due to Data Protection.

I'm a customer too and wish you all the best with this situation.  


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Really appreciate your comments but want an answer from Vodafone 


Have tweeted so will see if they answer there 


And will then point so of the tech papers and Which magazine their way 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hi @traby we don't have the ability to see the reason a credit check is unsuccessful, we'd advise you to contact a credit agency to give you a breakdown of anything that could have caused it. We'd love to have you as a customer, but on this occasion, we're not able to advise any further on this. 

Hi @adam 


Seems my account was deleted so reregistered 


Although I appreciate you would rather only have good stories listed here, I’m a great believer in free speech. 


It it will be my last entry here, as Vodafone’s attitude to wards customers beggars belief 


I needed to change my contract as I am heading into hospital for a serious operation, and therefore wanted a phone and tariff that would support me whilst there. 


I wasnt particuarly keen to leave o2 but your deal was on the face of it very good, and not something they couldn’t match, so I tried to sign up to your network.


I have a good job, earn a good salary, have paid my mortgage off, clear credit cards every month and have never defaulted on a DD 


So you can imagine my surprise when Vodafone declined credit.


Thankfully, from my point of view o2 stepped into the breach and worked a method of getting me a deal close to yours, and kept my number. 


Their customer service has been exemplary, and quite frankly should I get to the next break in contract will not even consider moving 


You have shown no interest in seeing what the issue was, and if people search the forums will see that this is NOT an isolated case. 


Had you said, I’m really sorry you had an issue we will investigate and ensure there isn’t a systematic problem within our credit checking procedure I, and I’m sure others would have been satisfied, and yet you haven’t and no doubt won’t. 


All companies have problems, all make mistakes what separates the good and bad companies is how they resolve the problems when they happen, and the way they present themselves subsequently 


o2 1 Vodafone 0 


Feel free to lock me out again as they say in the den I’m out 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@whyohwhyindeed I'm not quite sure what happened to your old account (@traby) it looks to still be active and provisioned for use. 


As mentioned in this thread, this has happened before and is by no means an isolated incident. Other users have had success why trying methods previously advised by our Community Champions. 

In your case it seems like the problem lies when Carphone Warehouse are trying to set up your account and complete their initial checks - have you spoken with them about this at all? If so, what were they able to advise? 

Contracts taken out via a third party are, for the most part, managed by that third party and we provide the signal coverage for them. I'm unsure why your credit check hasn't been approved, but we wouldn't have access to the reason why. Contacting a credit agency could provide answers for a legitimate reason, although this could also be down to a system error. I'm assuming at this point, neither of the two options are going to appeal to you, now you've managed to get everything sorted.

I'm sorry to see that in this instance, you've been let down but I'm glad to see your old provider have managed to find a plan which is going to suit your needs, so you're not left in the dark. 

I do hope your operation goes well and I wish you a speedy recovery. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I have no idea why companies say they don't know why people fail a credit check. Of course they do. It's nothing to do with data protection it's just part of the secrecy around their credit scoring and they don't like to reveal it as you can then work out what to do to pass it next time.

Vodafone should at least be able to tell you IF a credit check has been run, if it hasn't, get them to re-do it manually.