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Failed Credit Check - Why? Because I passed with o2

4: Newbie

Tried to join you through Carphone Warehouse because you had a good deal advertised Have been with Vodafone before but left for o2 a couple of years ago.


I own my house, no mortgage pay my credit cards off in full every month, earn a good salary and have no debt anywhere other than a phone contract with o2 which I have never defaulted on. 


Experian list my credit rating as 999/999 


But not good enough for Vodafone 


Well it seems you are good at this as there are many people on here who have had the same issue 


and guess what even as a new account I passed the o2 credit check no problem 


Will ensure that the way you deal with new potential customers is well known and will be suggesting that some of the tech pages take this up and investigate 


how yoy you claim to be the best customer service is beyond belief 


Suggest people read the other threads on this and try o2 who seem to like people with good credit 




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

But surely it’s CPW who should be confirming this? They carried out the search not Vodafone? @chistery

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

CPW should confirm it but they are just sales people wanting commission. Vodafone can tell you if they have performed a credit check on behalf of CPW for you.

I had a similar problem with (owned by CPW). They said it failed but I didn't want a 2nd one done and Vodafone told me it hadn't been completed, so re did it manually and it went through.

Only one search showed up on my credit report.