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Failed Credit Score - Former Customer with credit on the account

2: Seeker

I am trying to return to vodafone - I left in Feburay 2017. I failed credit score, checked Experian, no issues with address, payments, mortgage. My account with vodafone that I left in Feb is in credit - so vodafone owe me money. I have asked to reopen my account and am hoping that I can set up an online deal - but where do you put the account number?


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17: Community Champion



Unfortunately Vodafone UK are unable to provide a reason as to why a Credit Check has not been successful as their systems only show an acceptance or declined status. 


They advise to contact one or more of the Credit Houses, Experian being one, in order to check that nothing wrong has been recorded there.


It doesn't always come down to a credit score problem, or a certain time at the address.


As a quick example, it can be due to the amount of incoming to outgoing payments.


If a customer has a mortgage and a car and something else on finance, then something else for the kids which is paid monthly, the credit check is ran to see if the customer can pay the finance (monthly cost) based on other payments per month. 


To add even a clear Credit File with good Credit Score does not guarantee acceptance. It's also good practice to let 90 days elapse before making another application in order to let the Credit Score recover.


Vodafone's help page is


Don't try too many times to apply and it's a good idea to leave at least 90 days between applications to allow your Credit File to recover.


Perhaps try 》 Looking to join Vodafone-  08080 408 408 for mobiles, SIMs and dongles (free from all UK landlines and mobiles). 》 contact-us. 


They'll be able to help with re joining @SSID 

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17: Community Champion



I wouldn't be surprised is this is something to do with your previous account not being fuilly closed and still remaining open on your credit file.


If you use Twitter or Facebook follow the link below, the Team here on the forum will be able to put you in contact with the correct team to get this account fully closed and removed from your credit file to enable you to take out a new contract.  This can be done by following this link: Contact Us 

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