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Failure login to vodafone account

2: Seeker

When I attempt to login to my account, I had to reset my password but I seem to stuck on this vicious circle or reseting and having my account locked. 

Spoke to someone but they told me the engineer will take up to five days to reset all this. 

Can this be done sooner? 




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17: Community Champion

Hi @ryan7


Really can't understand the reason for it taking 5 days to reset an account., this should be a simple procedure for Customer Services or live chat to do giving you a temporary password for you to change once logged on.


At least by coming to the forum you have found the best place to get this sorted, give the forum team time to get to the thread.


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2: Seeker

Thanks, I've tried multiple chats and conversations over the phone but still no swift resolution 

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@ryan7 We'll need to have a look into your account to see what's going on with your My Vodafone. So we're able to securely access your details, please get in touch using the link in my private message 🙂

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