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Fitguru, is it a scam? 64055? What can I do?

1: Seeker

I just got the following text:


'FreeMSG: Thank you for subscribing to fitguru for £3.00 per week from Fitguru until you text STOP to 64055. HELP? 3302231099'


Is this a scam? I may have inadvertently opened an ad which I know can subsribe you to things like this but is there anyway that I can stop it without being charged to send a text? I REALLY don't want to add more money to my bill so I would appreciate any help at all.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

By using help sites like the you can find out that companies contact info by inputting tbe shortcode or incoming number and ask the company to cancel a subsription if ones set up. 

I've performed a Google search with the info you gave and it does return quite a few hits about this subscription company with further advice on it's contact info. 

Be wary about sending a text saying STOP because that can let a company know they've latched onto a live number. 

Lots of info from Vodafone In the link Premium Rate Sms Bar.

and from Which in How-do-i-stop-unwanted-premium-rate-texts.

Many years ago I was severely affeted and after a long experience to stop them I ended up changing my number with my network. This is of course a very last resort. 


Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



So I have also been recieving messages from FitGuru (64055) and being charged £3.00.

I am unable to reply back with 'STOP' or 'STOP ALL'.

I am being charged for a subsciption even though I haven't subscribed for anything.

I dont know if someone has used my email for a log in or just to avaid using their own email addresses. 


This is charging me (My Dad) a lot of unnecessary amounts of money. 


As I am unable to reply back with messages, I am unsnure of what to do.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @MilesT


If you put the shortcode number onto the check number section of the PSA website, you will receive some contact information for this scammer, you will then be able to make a direct complaint and get the charges refunded. The problem you may find is with data protection this may need to come from the account holder, your dad.


The important thing to do now is to add the charge to account bar and premium rate SMS bar incoming only should do the trick and stop any further premium rate short code reverse charge messages. This can be done by your dad through the online account under bars and through the customer service channels. 



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

MilesT, why cant you send STOP to 64055 then? Are you doing it from a new message, not as a reply to the one you get?