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Fraud account, Fraud team wont help what should i do now?

1: Seeker

Hello everyone


This is a long story but ill try make it short.


Last year when me and my fiancee were looking to buy a house and get credit cards to build credit history i discovered that no one would give me one, so i paid for an experian credit report membership and discovered some defaulted accounts ranging from loans to mobile accounts.

Now most companies have been very helpful and i managed to sort most of the debt out myself. I found out also the person who commited the ID fraud against me was my own mother unfortunetly. After talking to the police and understanding even if she is convicted of fraud it wont help my credit score i have to go to the companies to sort it out.



Now on my credit file there was a Vodafone account that was still active and has been for 2-3 years it also has been getting paid for, i phoned Vodafone and explained this wasnt my account and never has been my account. They escalted it to the fraud team - which apparently found no fraudulent activity. Which i do not understand NOT my email address its NOT my bank details all that account has that belongs to me is my name and DoB.

Few weeks later i checked my credit report and found that same account had stopped being paid for and missed payments.


I called the fraud team again i said look this isnt my account it never has been i've never owned an account with you its fraudulent account its not my bank details all that is on there is my name and DoB.

The man on the other end of the phone was not helpful at all, infact he was more having fun with it. He told me 'well you have been phoning it' so i ask him to go listen to the voice recordings which you save and you will clearly hear its not me. He laughed and told me this isnt CSI and wont anaylise peoples voices. I told him to look at the bank details on the account there not mine, phone the mobile number and someone will answer that is not me. 


He just told me the account isnt fraudulent and because you know or 'knew' the person (because now we obviously havent spoken for over a year now since i found out and they blocked me after i was chasing them to repay me) he said its a '3rd party' and they wont help me.


So my main question is, is this true? Someone can take your Name,DoB and Address setup an account and because you 'knew' the person its a civil matter and they wont help?

If someone i know steals my car its still a criminal offence or is it not? The person STOLE my identity.


every other company has been very helpful and understand. Just not Vodafone.

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17: Community Champion

It can be difficult if fraud is committed by a member of your family as they will have access to personal details a stranger wouldn't.   I would have thought that it would help if the police proceeded and there was a conviction - this would be absolute confirmation that you are not complicit in any way (I'm not suggesting you are, but that's something 3rd parties will consider).

The fraud team are not normally customer-facing, so I'm slightly surprised you've managed to speak to them.  It may be that you've spoken to a frontline advisor who hasn't escalated this.   The forum team will pick this up in due course and will be able to make sure that you're pointed in the right direction.

In the meantime, I'd suggest putting a note on your credit record explaining the full circumstances.   Lenders are obliged to read this and take it into account, although whether it would affect a mortgage decision, I can't say.  When applying, mention the situation at the outset - lenders are somtimes more sympathetic if you do.   You might also find that a morgate broker will be able to help you.

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Thanks for getting in touch @allyjaay. We're really sorry to hear about whats happened and one of the Credit File Specialist in our team will be happy to take a look into this for you. 

So we can access your account securly, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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