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Getting in touch with Vodafone's Credit Assessment Team: 18 hard credit checks on my report

2: Seeker

I'm enquiring for assistance for what I consider quite an urgent matter. I will give an overview of the situation and what I have done about it so far with Vodafone Customer Services.

Basically, during the Cyber Week sales, Vodafone had a deal in conjunction with TopCashBack that involved receiving £85 cashback on the Superfast Broadband 1 package if you went through the TCB website. On top of this, Vodafone were offering a deal to their Pay Monthly members, £21 a month for broadband. My partner and I have recently moved into a new property and obviously wanted to purchase broadband, and couldn't pass up on this cracking deal.

So as loyal Vodafone customers for over 4 years, we decided to jump at it. I attempted to purchase this deal, through the TCB link, went through the selection process and input my details and was met with information stating that the broadband payment would be placed on top of my current direct debit. I clicked purchase, was told to wait as the purchase went through and was subsequently met with an error message stating "Something went wrong, please wait and try again or if you're still experiencing problems, please call us for free". So thinking it was a TCB link problem, I tried a few times on different web browsers over 2 days. Still to no avail, I was met with the same error message.

My partner tried to do the same, and he was met with the same error message. Two evenings ago I decided to check an update on my credit score, to be met with a report of 18 hard credit checks by vodafone on my report. I was appalled, shocked and very distressed. 18 credit checks on your report do not look good to creditors. Bare in mind, it did not state anywhere on the website that a full credit check was being completed. It did not ask me for any previous address details. It also didn't warn me afterwards that a credit check may have failed, if it did. If I was warned, I would not have attempted to make avail of the broadband deal any further. Also, it stated that the bill would be added on to my current Pay Monthly bill. Surely this does not require a full credit check. I've never missed a payment with Vodafone, so as a customer I am extremely disappointed.

 In attempt to resolve this, I phoned up Vodafone, tried to explain the situation asked to be put through to the Credit Assessment Team following direction of an online agent. The lady I spoke to was lovely, however not once was I put through to the team. She relayed messages from them after talking to them herself and reassured me that my credit file was okay and all was resolved.

However, I don't think this is the case. I have no confirmation that Vodafone will remove these credit checks. I want assurances that they will be removed, as they can be in 2-3 working days. Is there a way I can resolve this issue? My credit report could be greatly affected through no fault of my own.

I hope someone can help.
Kind regards,

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17: Community Champion

I'm not surprised you want this clearing up @jferris972 

There isn't any account access via this forum anymore.

You could engage with the Vodafone Social Media Teams 》 Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries  as they have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate for you  

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2: Seeker

Thanks a million, your response is much appreciated!

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4: Newbie
I've had the same thing on my credit report due to Vodafone misshap but they never offer a solution there good at taking payments and losing them like they have mine for the past year still no further forward Vodafone have to tell the credit people its there mistake not the customers but that don't happen if you need a chat private message me
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If your credit file's been affected @Benjamin79 - one of the Credit File Specialists in our team will be able to take a look into this for you, when you get in touch via one of our social channels; as I've advised on your thread here

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