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Global Roaming Plus removed from standard Unlimited Max plans

15: Advanced member

So, the new plans are live.

Global Roaming Plus has been removed from the standard max plans and only available on the most expensive Unlimited Max + 4 Xtra benefits plan.

With the rip off per day prices you can't opt out of if you don't have global roaming plus, it makes Vodafone very expensive for roaming in some places.

Do people still send MMS?

How will Device care work on SIM only?

Getting quite costly around here!

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13: Advanced Member

Just for curiosity’s sake, I put in the same phone and plan and contract length that I have now into the new EVO pricing tool and the exact same deal as I have now would be over £20 a month more EVERY month!


I really think the pricing needs to be tweaked as I certainly won’t be upgrading at those prices 😲

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15: Advanced member

The 100 international to EU minutes has gone too, so from 500 to 100 to 0.

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16: Advanced member

I noticed this too. 

I downgraded to a cheaper deal during COVID as (like the rest of the world), I was going nowhere. 

My intention had been to simply upgrade back to the £30 Unlimited Max option when things opened up (right now, my first scheduled trip outside the EU is USA in September) as that'd give me the Global Roaming Plus back. 

Now when I look, I can still upgrade but that package now only includes the EU countries for roaming - for the same price.

If I want what used to be included in the price, I've got to go for an 'Xtra' plan which will cost £37

I will get the wonderful extras of 

- Unlimited Picture Messaging (you know, cos the world doesn't use iMessage, WhatsApp or a trillion other apps to send pictures) 

- Device Care (I don't buy handsets from Vodafone)

- 50% off smartphone line rental bolt ons (gee thanks)

- 81 Roam free countries (that used to be included in the unlimited packages)


So basically an extra £7 for what we used to get before. Got to agree with the original poster. It's making it difficult to stick around.

I had hoped when they created the 'bolt ons' for prepaid roaming (£15 for a week or £25 for two) that they would perhaps create something similar for postpaid plans with no global roaming plus. 

But no... the answer has simply been to hike the price.

Bit of a fail in my eyes.


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