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Going to be cut off but no one will let me pay!

2: Seeker

So I somehow managed to miss the fact my August bill didn't get paid, and September ended up not being taken because of this as my bill was more than I would have expected and so the funds weren't available, stupidly I only checked my bill a few days ago and was stunned to discover August hadn't been paid and the calls I'd missed while at work from Zinc weren't to do with another outstanding Vodafone account but my main phone! I contacted Vodafone who told me they couldn't do anything as it was in the hands of the debt collectors and so to contact them to arrange a payment plan, so I did, but they informed me I'm due to be cut off on the 24th and they can't do anything about my bill and to contact Vodafone. Now I can't get through to anyone at Vodafone and can't afford to be cut off tomorrow! I'm literally sitting here wanting to pay money to Vodafone (I can pay half of the amount today, the rest in a week) but nowhere will let me organise a payment plan/communicate with me about my bill! Any advice? 

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Hey @lfcforever93, I understand how important this is to get sorted and those billed paid so we'll certainly help in anyway we can.

Have you tried making payment in all the following ways?

  1. Log in to your My Vodafone account
  2. Choose ‘Billing’ from the navigation menu
  3. Then ‘Make a payment’ 
  4. Choose whether you want to pay in full, or pay another amount

Call 56677 free

- Speak to webchat 


If the account is with a debt collector, they should also be able to take payment from you since the balance is now with them. Have you since tried to contact them again?

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