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Hard copy of online conversation

2: Seeker

How do i get a hard copy of the online call i had with the help service?  I did ask at the end of the call and was told to go to a certain page and ask for it by emailing etc. ( cant remember now exactly how i did it) and they would email it to me but I havent received anything.


I have done this one before and the person i was speaking to online asked me if i wanted it emailed and he just emailed a hardcopy directly to me which was really helpful thats why i remembered to ask this time.

can anyone help me to get this again as i havent had the response i need this time and i cannot get this spotify thing sorted on my sons account which happens every month and happened the same last year also, bit of a nightmare really.  If we got reception from any other provider here in Norfolk i would change!


Thank you

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17: Community Champion

Usually a  transcript is available to request before ending the Live Chat conversation.


Maybe re engage with Live Chat and ask them if it's now possible. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Swoodge 


When you completed the chat, you would have received a feedback questionnaire, once completed you would have been able to request a transcript of the chat before closing the window.


If you still need a copy of the chat the online conversation would have been noted on your account and you can request it here


You mention you are having a problem with Spotify, if you give a brief explanation of the problem, this will give the forum team something to go on and it may be something easily solved on the forum.  


The Team will get to the thread and will be able to advise you how to get in contact through the Social Media channels for direct help and support with your Spotify issue and make sure there are no future problems.

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