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Help. Worried about order process

1: Seeker


wonder if any of you can tell me what you think. I was trying to order a sim only contract. I tried several times and got an error saying please try again. So I spoke to online chat and they said they would take me through it. I filled the form out again and was then given a hyperlink. She said to click the buy now button and straight after to copy in the hyperlink to the address bar. I got a confirmation page saying the order was processed but they needed to do a credit check. It said I would get an order confirmation email. 


I’m a bit worried because I didn’t get the confirmation email. I’m also concerned because the process seemed a bit strange with copying the hyperlink. Has anyone else done this process like this? The person on the chat didn’t speak very good English. All seems a bit odd. I did check and the hyperlink was a Vodafone page. 


Would appreciate if anyone could comment? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @tom1985


Vodafone keep you updated throughout the order process and you should get the confirmation email with your order number as soon as the credit check has been completed.


If you are concerned about the order, live chat will be able to locate the order and address your concerns.  

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17: Community Champion

It might be worth just double checking any spam type email inboxes @tom1985

Although a credit check is normally typically fast it can seem like an age when we are waiting to see if the application has been accepted. 

If all else fails you could try a Vodafone High street Store to open up a contract. 

I wish you the best of luck. 

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