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How can I get my proof of USAGE if my device is unlocked (not belongs to Vodafone)

1: Seeker

I need my proof of Usage. I've been talking to many vodafone agents and I used the form provided and I still did not get my proof of Usage. They keep saying I have to go to where I bought my phone and ask for the proof of purchase and it will come with the proof of usage. That's not true, I already have my proof of purchase and they told me I need to talk to Vodafone  to get the proof of Usage. 


Can anyone help me? I need to provide this to my insurance, I've been without my phone for a week already!

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10: Established

All you need to do is fill in this form :


Proof of Purchase form


One of the Options you can ask for is Proof of Usage, along with Proof of Blacklisting.

Hope this helps !!

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@dieargibay As @stonefences has mentioned, you're able to select proof of usage on our page. If you've already done this in your request and need any further assistance, please let us know.

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