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How do I actually email evidence in to Vodafone complaints and get someone to take ownership

2: Seeker

Is there an email address to get through to someone who will take ownership of an issue.

Getting no where, just getting a call back each time on a netowkr issue as I dont have any / little signal at home now. I can see using  cell info app I am swapping towers like mad and its draining my phones battery and mat partners. As its a life line for my disabled deaf partner I had to switch the one line to another network, however the reamining line is still in contract and they trying to demand a huge termination fee, despite them saying they cant do anything else expect give me a sure signal. As I have said to the time and time again I am in a very poor spot for home broadband too so suresignal will not work properly as only get 0.1mb upload , but they keep calling to say would you like one, I explain the speeds they agree it wont work. But only offer 10% off termination fee. 

I have tried to send in network info showing the poor signal strenght etc to try and avouid havingto explain it every day when the next person calls me up and I spend 15 mins explaining what was said the day before. They then go and speak to a "Specialist" who then says we can offer 10% as we cant do any more. 


Its so annoying as no one takes ownership of problems and its like they hoipe you will give in and go away, not the best way to assist a customer in need.


Its already cost me money having to move my partners phone to another provider , but not paying for the two early termination fees when they both worked once but there is major new housing projects and 100's of new properties all gone up near the one tower, and I am trying to explain this to them when all they say is the coverage checker looks ok, I have offered for them to come to my house and have a taste of reality but they seem to not be interested and hie behind the coverage checker or worse still suggest I switch to 3g ( even worse) or the best of all 2G.  I asked how can they say that when it was fine, something outside of my home is impacting cell signal ( nothing done to my house as they have suggested that on occasions). 


How can I get hold of one person to email all the evidenbce and talk over the problem and the unacceptable offer of 10% off the early termination fee as they have said there is nothing they can do.


All call shave been recorded in "Resolver" dates times names etc , what was said , but as with any contract its a 2 way thing, and Voda are no providing me the service so why should i have to pay for the loss of service.


One classic line that was said to me , when I explained its a life line for my disabled deaf partner, was cant they call you if no signal.  Say no more on that one...!



So any Voda Customer service people out there want to open up aprivate dialogue with me as not geting anywhere and a complaint is with Resolver and the clock is ticking so lets sort it before it escalates to the head of Cusotmer Services as thats just silly if it gets that far 

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17: Community Champion

There isn't a public email address, but the forum team will pick up your post in due course and send you a private message so that this can be discussed away from the public boards.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @ajones2_65


Take a look in > Here.

Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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2: Seeker

Yes used that link to do an online one, now I get a different person each day they call me back. So it seems like I need a way to escalate to someone who will take ownership as currently its a different person each day explaining ti all time and time again. 

I want one person who can read all the info, and has the power to make a difference.

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2: Seeker
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@ajones2_65 - We don’t want you to have this sort of experience with us!

Our team has network specialists and we can take a look into the signal in your area and the account.

Please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

There may be some questions you’ve already answered several times, which I apologise for.

Once we receive your email, we can then investigate this further and go through all of the options.

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