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How to cancel if no one's answering the phone?

1: Seeker

Spent 3 hours on hold only to be cut off. 

Need my pac code as my bill has increased by 40%

Seems the only way I can get this is via a phone call but if vodafone aren't answering I'm a bit stuck. 

Annoyed that every day that I can't cancel is costing me more money. 

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16: Advanced member

You can also get it using Live Chat.

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17: Community Champion

Have you considered phoning 191 early morning and choosing the Thinking of Leaving option which should get you through to the Retention Department where they might be able to broker a deal with you. And or look to see if your eligible for Vodafone VEA Employers discount. 

Im assuming your at the end of the contract term ? If not there will be an Early Termination Fee. 

Live Chat I believe would have to pass you through to the customer services call que for a pac code as the process to leave stipulates "You can cancel your contract at any time by calling us on 191 (free from your Vodafone mobile) or 03333 040 191 from a UK landline or mobile (standard charges apply)." From How-do-I-cancel-my-Pay-monthly-contract.


Tip, Use the PAC code within 30 days by giving it to the alternative network. When they use it this will auto cancel your Vodafone contract. Do not cancel your Direct Debit at this stage as Vodafone will send you your final bill in approximately 2 weeks which is paid by your DD and any relevant refunds issued and then this is followed by a Sorry your leaving letter and £0 bill which confirms account cancellation. Keep this documentation. 


One final thing to mention is that not all Networks offer the same level of signal and Data speeds where you live, work and commute so you could end up with a better tariff but worse coverage. 

Check them out via a Payg SIM card. 

Another option is to approach Carphone Warehouse and upgrade via them if they can offer a better deal than Vodafone but make 100% sure they upgrade you and not take out a 2nd line. Discount such as the VEA I mentioned earlier is not available by them. It’s only if you take out the contract directly with Vodafone. VEA does cost a one off £10 membership fee. 

However you decide to go i with you all the best.  


Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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14: Advanced member

+1 to the above, the best way to get a PAC code is to call during the UK working day and preferably in the morning.  When I did this I struck lucky, I got a UK employee who gave me a PAC straight away without arguing.  Definitely choose the "thinking of leaving us" option.   If you are less lucky and someone tries to persuade you to reconsider, just keep repeating that you require a PAC code and reminding them that they re obliged by the regulator to give you one immediately if you request one - pretend you haven't heard anything else they say.  Oh, and don't accept a call from Vodafone Retentions until AFTER you have been given your PAC !

N.B. you either your contract or leave via a PAC code (which automatically cancels your account when your new provider uses it)  -  not both.   If you want to use a PAC  then don't mention  "cancel" or "30 days notice" or you will confuse the issue and quite probably the operative you are speaking to.  Ask for a PAC and only a PAC.

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