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How to change to a new phone

2: Seeker

I am 30 days from the end of a 2 year contract with Vodafone and have decided to buy a new smartphone from an online retailer (still with Vodafone) as this was the most cost effective option available to me.

I now have my new phone but have been told that i cannot move my phone number from one vodafone contract to another and have been told that i have to give 30 days notice and then go onto a vodafone PAYG sim to enable my number to be transferred back to my new vodafone contract?

I have also recieved advice from the online phone supplier that i can without penalty request my PAC code (Within 30 days of end of contract) and move to a different network provider (O2) on PAYG only to then get a PAC code from this other network to enable me to go back on my new phone to Vodafone??? Im Confused??

Please could i recieve advice on this issue as i find it very counter intuitive to say the least.

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17: Community Champion

You've fallen for the oldest trick in the book which is to set you up as a new connection rather than an upgrade. That's because your chosen retailer gets a lot more commission from Vodafone for a 'new' connection than an upgrade. You will have to go through the performance of moving the number from the old contract to another one with the same network. Someone else here more knowledgeable than me will advise on the best way to do this as I think Vodafone has simplified the process recently.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @rtommo


Unless Vodafone have simplified the process, the answer can be found on previous threads:


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