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I'm a victim of fraud and Vodafone customer services will not take action

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my Vodafone contact was due to expire next month but someone has gone into a store in Sheffield and extended my contract and taken an i-phone 8 plus. I called 191 to tell Vodafone this was not me but they say it's a store issue and I need to go into the store in Sheffield to sort it out - they can't do anything over the phone. If it was a local store to me I would have gone in but the store is in another part of the country. I live in London and the store is 190miles from me 


This is shocking customer service and dealing with a reported fraud case - can anyone help or give any advice?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Ahmed9999999999


It's truly awful when something like this happens. 

Perhaps look at > Vodafone- protecting-your-identity/fraud-report-form.


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I totally understand the frustration you have. When it comes to stores and over the phone, Neither can access the respective orders, Hence why you would have been told to go to the store, However, What they may not have told you, Is that it wouldn't have to be the same store, Just your local one would be fine for you to call into to sort out. But if you do, Make sure you have photo ID with you, So they can cover the security that way. But also, The link above will give you some helpful info too. Hope you manage to get it sorted

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17: Community Champion

That is not correct. A store won't be able to help, it would only be referred back to the fraud department and there is no reason for the customer to have to do the runaround.  This is for Vodafone to find out what happened and get this investigated through the correct customer service channels.  There are two victims here, Vodafone and the customer.


@Ahmed9999999999 You have been the victim of identify theft and someone has sufficient information on you to pass data protection and take out a mobile phone contract through a Vodafone's store or the store was too eager to sell a contract and failed to make adequate security checks.     Wait for one of the Team to get to the thread, they will be able to help with the fraudulent contract.


In the meantime, it would be worth making sure there is nothing else taken out in your name.  Credit agencies will be able to help and advise on how to proceed when you have been a victim of identify theft.





thanks for all your help. Vodafone twitter account gave me the direct dial number for their fraud team and they have swiftly deal with it - no need for me to do the chasing anymore. It would of been good if I was put through to that team in the first place but can't fault them once I got through to the right people

Hi - Do you still have that Direct Dial number as they have terminated my service due to suspected fraud and the number they have given to call is just a voicemail and they do not call me back!  Thanks.

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Moderator (Retired)

@Daisy1974 I've replied on your other thread here 😊

Hi do you still have direct number to the fraud department?


I have a similar issue. After applying for a mortgage which was refused, turns out their was an existing debt going back a few years with Vodafone which I had no clue of and I’ve always used T-Mobile and EE! After 2 days of headache and stress, it turns out that an my ex had taken out a phone (in store) how they get away with that without ID I have no clue!  was paying for it via her bank account via DD every month. Opens a second line after some time she then cancels the contract and doesn’t make the last payments! Now my credit is f’d because of this.


im getting nowhere with Vodafone as my correct name and date of birth was used the only thing that was incorrect was my door number as she obviously guessed because she didn’t know it and Vodafone are saying I called in 2014 given this person full access and rights to anything with the account 🤔 umm well that’s odd considering i haven’t spoken to the person in over 6 years and why would anyone even need to do that...... any normal logical person would just get them to open their own account! None of this makes any sense! 


Im getting nowhere and Vodafone are providing me with no concrete proof of anything and I’m just being told there’s no way of contacting the fraud department externally, I have to wait for a call back which doesn’t happen! 


Can anyone help or advise in where I can go from here. I didn’t want to take it down the police and solicitors route and waste unnecessary money time and stress! It’s clearly obvious what’s happened here and Vodafone are not doing anything to resolve this! 



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Not yet as it’s over 3 years ago. will it still be treated the same even though it isn’t current