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Pay monthly

I need to be able to view my bills of the past seven years.

3: Seeker

As title says, these bills are the most solid proof of address that I can get, since mostly the shared houses I lived in the other bills have been on other peoples names. My bank lets me see online statements of up to seven years, so when I called 191 and they said that I cant' get more than just the last 13 months i was pretty disapointed. Is there really no way of getting what I need?

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16: Advanced member

Different companies/industries have different policy on what is Available online.

However Vodafone can email you historical bills which are not available online.

Suggest you wait for the Forum team to catch up to the post and they will be able to fulfill your request.

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@Werrk We should be able to get a copy of those bills sent out to you 🙂 

Check the instructions in my private message and contact our team directly, we'll then be in touch to help out further. 

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3: Seeker

Thanks for your time @Alex, I now feel more optimistic about this.

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