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I wish to finish my contract

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Hi all, I wish to finish my contract, apart from telephoning CS who always talk me into another 2 years! Can I not just email my notice,


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Sending an email isn't accepted as a person needs to pass security checks. 

If you want to end your contract then perhaps start the conversation off with the agents that you want to cancel and hear about no offers to retain you. 

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Thank you. I will have to ring it in.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Your welcome. 

Please do. 

Top tip > It'll take Vodafone around 2-4 weeks to process your final bill and take it via direct debit. 

Please leave your Direct Debit in place until this happens and also until you recieve a Sorry Your Leaving Letter and a £0 bill. 

If a person wishes to take their number to another UK Network then they should ask for a PAC and give that to their new network within 30 days. Theirs no requirement to give 30 days notice this way as the Vodafone accou t auto closes when the new network uses the Pac. 

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Moderator (Retired)

@atro1 I'm sorry to see you're thinking of leaving, but we do have some great 12/24 month contracts if you fancy it? 😉 I'll leave the website link here just in case...

You're able to find all of the information we have on ending your contract here, however @BandOfBrothers has covered this very well in his previous replies 😊 

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If you really want to leave it's easy, just say no to hearing about any offers and keep saying no until they listen.  You may be treated with more respect if you call during the working day. If you want to move to another provider and keep your number,  then ask for a PAC code and avoid using the word "cancel"