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Pay monthly

In between network VOID

1: Seeker

Switched from 02 to Voda


today my sim should have arrived


my o2 service has ended


im on my way to work with a long shift ahead and effectively no phone


I am not up on phones and sims


but am I waiting specifically for this sim card?

its a a contract sim only thing.


i mean…can I buy a vodafone sim card from a supermarket or whatever??? As I said im clueless and already Im disappointed in vodafones lack of customer care or support. 

this is not very nice at all


im currently tethering a friends data but only have the next 20 minutes to read any replies.


any reply would be very appreciated 


thank you very much



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Hi @TandyMan, if today is your port in date, this normally happens before 5pm but it can take up to midnight. If the Vodafone SIM Card has not arrived, you can call into a local Vodafone store with photo ID or drop us a message on Twitter or Facebook. We can then check what's happening with the SIM Card and arrange a new one if needed. You can find the contact details here, when you do send us a message, just select 'Get Started' followed by 'Asked to DM' to get connected to the team. 

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