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Incorrect Late Payment on Credit Report

2: Seeker

I transferred my account to my mother back in August, they took a payment from her then and we assumed this meant the account was settled, as that is what she was told by Vodafone. 

However I recieved an email saying I owed money, everytime I got in touch to pay this amount I was told I couldn't as my account was closed and it was my mothers account not mine. She would call to be told there was nothing to pay.... I tried to log on to my online account on several occasions to not be able to as the account seemingly was closed. 


A month later I recived an email saying I owed this money and if I didn't pay it would be escalated, the amount was small to me so I yet again attempted to pay. This time I managed to speak to someone who understood what my issue was and the amount was paid. I have a reference and a bank statement proving this.


I now recieve a notice on my credit score a late payment notice by Vodafone is on my credit score. I am furious about this, I am looking to buy my first home so have been building up my credit score and now I may not be able to get a mortgage. 

So I spent almost 3 hours discussing this matter with the customer serivce team who kept inisting I owed the money, until I was transferred to a manager who believes the money I paid went to my mothers account rather than my old closed one. And now I get a late payment notice even though I paid off my account and was told it was closed!

I want this notice removed as it shouldn't be there in the first place and I am very worried that I won't be able to get a mortgage as a result of Vodafone. 


I was given a number for the credit file team which appears to be incorrect, could someone please direct me in how I can get this notice removed.

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Apologies for the delay in reaching your post @Rachel16.

We'd like to investigate this for you - so we can do this, please contact our dedicated Credit File team through the details provided in the private message that will be sent to you shortly.

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2: Seeker

I am having a similar problem with a late payment tick over a DD error and paid one day late! Please advise on who to speak to

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@jthomas150 Thanks for getting in touch with us and letting us know about your query regarding a late payment. 

So this is able to be investigated, please contact our specialist team using the link in my private message

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