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Interesting Sales Call

16: Advanced member

I had a interesting Sales call. To be fair it was a Follow up call.

Online I could only upgrade only one number. Other three I could not chose. So a call from Forum Team was transferred to Sales.


As it was a followup to what I had agreed, I was nice and listened to what was on offer. I said I need to sort couple of outstanding issues, 1 with my App and 2 Spotify on one of the line.

So he said he will get it sorted. So I thought why not. After about 15 mins of putting me on hold in between about 3-4 times, came back and said let's upgrade first then will transfer the call to someone who can help.


Offered me the 25GB tariff for £25 less VEA discount. I said why do I need 25GB when none of the lines use the current 8GB? Carried on pushing the 25GB will never be available for £25. Then I mentioned as a regular Forum poster. That is when he backed off.


I said call me back on in August and will see what we can agree.

Interesting no mention of solving the two issues I mentioned.




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Hi @Getafix


I'm sorry to hear that the Sales team weren't able to help. 


If you'd like us to look into these issues, please follow the steps that I've sent you in a private message.





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16: Advanced member



Both this issues are already with your team. 

#15437457 for Spotify

#14773036 (Forum Team) and #15314966 (Service Team) for the Vodafone App.


I bet the Sales Person looked at and thought H* S*. Best to get the Sales sorted then pass it on. As no way he could have sorted it for me.

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With regards to email thread #15437457, please reply to our last email sent on 6 March so we can chase this up.

For email thread #14773036 please reply to the last email sent to you on 9 February.


Unfortunately I've been unable to locate #15314966, however the team can check this in your account notes when you respond to either of the other emails. 

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