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Pay monthly

Is it really that hard to STAY on Vodafone network?

2: Seeker

Hiya - hope you guys can give me some advice, as I am a bit flummoxed!


I have an ageing Samsung S7 on Pay Monthly - although the agreement ended in April, I've stuck with it.

I was looking for a shiny new S20 FE 5G on a two-year contract, and found a couple of good deals at


As those deals also used the Vodafone network, I thought shifting over would be easy. How wrong I was.

I phoned telling them what phone deal I wanted and what my current situation was, and they said I needed to speak to Vodafone as I would need to go onto a PAYG account to keep my number.

And sure enough, that's what happened, although the person on 'retention' told me I'd have to wait 30 days first, and then be on PAYG for 30 days before transferring my number. She must have used the words '30 days' once every few seconds for about five minutes. I suspect they've been told to do this to put people off moving, but it's only encouraged me to wait it out if needs be.


I'm not sure why this move to PAYG is needed. Why can't I just transfer my number from my out-of-agreement Pay Monthly contract to a new one from a retailer, but also on the Vodafone network?


It seems like an unnecessary middle step, maybe in order to squeeze a last few quid out of me. It also seems like an awful long time to wait.


I'm only paying £15 a month, so I'm wondering if I couldn't just get my PAC and transfer it without going PAYG for a month? If I lose £15, so be it - I'll still be saving money.


Or instead of trying to stick with the Vodafone network at all, might it just be more convenient to get my PAC and switch network?


I probably should mention that I was offered a big discount to stay - but it was for a much smaller data allowance and still £100 more over the course of the contract than the one I was looking at. Why would I pay more for less? The answer seemed to boil down to being able to get hold of Vodafone on the phone for help.


Oh, the irony.


I've done a little research and understand that Carphone Warehouse may not be entirely innocent, as it's been suggested that they are complicit, as they make more commission from a new customer as opposed to an 'upgrade' (if that's what I am to them).


Regardless, I'm not really sure what the benefit is with staying on the Vodafone network, particularly if they make you jump through so many hoops for so long to stay on it. I've been with them for probably 20 years, so maybe it's time to try something different anyway.

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16: Advanced member

So you can is the short answer. 

Here's what you need to do:

1. Order the deal you're looking for from - Have your current Vodafone account number handy as it'll ask if you're a current Vodafone customer so have it ready to submit

2. You'll get an an additional line on your existing account with a new number.

3. Buy a 99p PAYT SIM card from another network 

4. Text and get your PAC code from your existing line

5. Port across to the PAYT sim (takes 1 working day if submitted before 15:00)

6. When the port closes, get the pac code from the new PAYT sim card

7. Port back into Vodafone


You're left with the 1 account on your existing account with the number you want. 

It's a pain.... but it means you get what you want. 

Your number... with Vodafone... and the benefits of ordering through 


That's what I did :Smiling: 


Oh and if you're out contract, you don't have to give 30 days notice. You'll get a refund of any days you've already paid.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @BelfastGonzo 


Transferring to PAYG is the long way.


As has been mentioned on this forum many times, the way to get the number on the new third party contract is to port out and back in, no need to wait 30 days for the number to move to PAYG.

Information on how to get PAC by text here: Cancel Account 





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2: Seeker

But to switch network, I wouldn't have to bother with any of that hassle? 

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16: Advanced member

You're not wrong. If you take an acquisition deal with another network then it'd be one port, not two. make their money signing people up as a new customers and share that commission with you. So you're specifically choosing not to go down the upgrade route which, if you were, would involve none of this porting nonsense. 

However it looks like you're on the same page as me, you want the cashback as you've done the maths and it's worth your while. 

No UK network has the ability to port from one line to another (not strictly true I know, it can be done technically but probably requires a lot of manual effort so its not offered) so we're stuck with the port out, and back in again.

It's a hassle, but it's better than it used to be. Firstly because you can get the pac by text and secondly, it takes only one working day plus it waives the 30 day notice period so you get some money back you've prepaid.


So it's a case of weighing up the savings VS the effort. 

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2: Seeker

Appreciate your reply.

It seems like a bit of a palaver. I see giffgaff offer a free SIM. I might take advantage of that, unless another network attracts my attention.

It really is annoying how new customers are valued so much more highly than long-term ones. Bit like some insurance companies, who seem to actively punish loyalty. I guess they count on enough people not being bothered to switch once they're in.

So if they don't make value me after decades of my custom, sod them.

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16: Advanced member

I do get your point. After I texted for my PAC, I did get a text with a number to call where the guy did his best to save me. 

To be fair, if I hadn't already ordered the new sim (I'd done it a couple of weeks earlier) and was now past the cooling off period then I'd have been tempted. He managed to get it within 3,50 GBP of what I was getting from and the appeal of not having to claim cash back was tempting. 

But... I'd made my bed by this time so decided to lie in it. 


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