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Issue using Abroad - Not Registered to Network

2: Seeker

I'm currently in China, and unable to make or recieve calls or txts, as any action results in a message saying "Not registered to network".

I am unable to log on to my vodafone account online as the security process requires me to recieve a code by txt, which of course in this situation I am unable to do.

Any solutions?

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17: Community Champion




Although Live Chat is for use within the UK it has been known to work while abroad. Try that. 


Or +44 7836 191 191 from abroad (free from a Vodafone mobile)


Lots of info in >


Did you have roaming enabled on your account before leaving the UK. 


Also just to note as Vodafone has no direct control of a foreign network they won't be able to guarantee service. 


You could try also manually choosing another network. 


If Your phone is unlocked to all networks is it possible to use a local sim card. 


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2: Seeker

I did have roaming enabled.
I can't seem to get any online chat help from here.
I'm unable to call that Support number due to not being able to access a network.


All in all, pretty tough time.

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17: Community Champion



As I mentioned Live Chat is primarily for use in the UK but some have found it to work abroad. 


Can you use someone else's phone to make the call. 


A good tip if abroad is : If possible download the Skype app and add perhaps £3.99 credit to call from that.

The number that is suggested to use is (U.K) 0333 304 0191 or +44 0333 304  191


Can your phone accept any networks sim card ?


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