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2: Seeker

Hi. In August I have been on holiday in Spain, made few calls and had few coming. On the itemized bill it does show "Spain" only instead of number that I called or number that called me. How can I get this data from Vodafone? I do need it for Court proceeding to show that my ex i lying that she did't have contact with kids.

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We should be able to locate the specific call information on your account @Boloney 🙂 So we're able to help out, please get in touch using the link in my private message

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16: Advanced member

Your call list will only show calls you have made.

Incoming Calls will only show as that.

Here is example of incoming

Mon 17 Dec/10:39/Incoming Call/USA - Incoming call/USA/00:12:48/00:12:48/Free/£0.000/20%/£0.000

Here is an example of outgoing call

Mon 17 Dec/09:46/0114479*/USA/UK/00:01:13/00:01:13/Yes - Global Roaming/£0.000/20%/£0.000

I have just added / to show the Split to columns.



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