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Joining Vodafone Sim Only with No Credit History

2: Seeker

Hi All, 
Apologies if this was posted before but I couldn't find a definive answer!
I'm new to the U.K with no credit history yet (I'm in the process of building some but again just moved here a few weeks ago).
I've been approved for a monthly SIM only with Everything Everywhere (ha) but I know Vodafone service is better in my area - I'm aware each carrier have different criteria and that's fine.
My question is:
I've been declined online for a 12-month sim only - do I have a better shot applying in store as they can verify my identity? Just trying to save a trip to my local Vodafone store as I was under the impression a sim only would be easier to be approved.
I come from a market where security deposit is the norm for people with bad and no credit history so that they can have service. But I don't think Vodafone offer that. Differtent countries, different rules!
Thanks for your help!

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17: Community Champion



Take the EE deal, it will start to give you some UK credit history.


Unfortunately, if you have been declined with Vodafone, you won't be able to reapply for 90 days, this will give your credit rating time to recover from the initial search.


In the meantime, to improve your credit rating, you need some credit history to go on, this is where having a bank loan and credit card help.  


There is further help from Vodafone on this link here: Credit Checks 

Also further help and advise to improve your credit rating from the credit reference agencies.

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17: Community Champion

Is Vodafone Payg no good to you @TIWYCF_E1  ?

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Hey @TIWYCF_E1, thanks for getting in touch! If you've been to EE and they've done a credit search, you'd need to leave a little time before reapplying for anything else; to give your credit file time to recover a little. If you did this before you tried to get the Vodafone SIM, that could be why you've been declined unfortunately. 

As @AnnS advised, it won't make any difference popping into store instead and you'd need to give it at least 90 days. 

If Vodafone has the strongest signal near you, you could take a look into VOXI 😊 Our VOXI service runs on the Vodafone network, but there's no contracts. Your VOXI plan is a simple online subscription – you just create an account and register a valid payment card. Payment will be taken every 30 days, when your chosen plan and extras refresh. You can opt out at any time. Of course, this won't help with your credit file at all; so it's up to you! 

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