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Late payment on credit score

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have not had a contract with Vodafone for over 2 years and have very recently started getting letters to my address and emails saying I owe £133 in unpaid bills and late payment charges. I rang the number on the letter and the lady said there was no such account anymore; it was deactivated so to ignore the letters and they must be a scam and not from Vodafone. I have just applied for a mortgage and been refused as there are 3 months worth of arrears for Vodafone for the £133 stated in the letters. I need this mistake erasing from my credit report immediately to enable me to go ahead with a mortgage as I have sold my house. 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Was the letter from Vodafone or from a debt collection agency @Agritton 


i.e. who did you ring ?


If you ended your contract after the 2 year contract came to an end and gave 30 days notice or ended the contract by asking for a Pac to take your number with you to another network did you leave the direct debit in place so Vodafone could take the final payment which is usually 2-4 weeks after giving notice.


Then after the final bill is paid a Sorry Your Leaving Letter and a £0 bill is sent to confirm the account is closed.


Did you receive these ?


If you contact the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook or Twitter they have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate this for you.


Link back to your thread and include your forum username.


But be aware if they find the Default was warranted then it wouldn't be removed and would last for 6 years. When paid off it would however show as Settled which si better than Outstanding.


I wish you a favourable outcome.



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Thank you for the reply. The letter was from Vodafone and it’s them I rang. They told me the account didn’t exist and to basically ignore the letter. I can’t remenber if I got a £0 letter or anything like that, it was over 2 year ago when I switched to EE. I’ve messaged them on Facebook. Thank you for your help 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

You're very welcome for my reply @Agritton 


As this was communications from Vodafone then hopefully no debt collection agencies have been engaged. At least that's something that doesn't need to be dealt with.


They maybe having issues finding your account as Vodafone changed billing systems a while ago and you may have been on the old billing system. 


Something worth mentioning to them when the Vodafone Social Media Teams reply to your post on Facebook.


This is a help thread I put together which has lots of help within including how to add a Notice of Correction etc.




Again I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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