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Leaving Vodafone

3: Seeker

So one of my lines on my account is due to expire 08/12/2018, I phoned to give 30 days notice and ask for a pac code to transfer my number, they replied ill give you your pac number but you will incur an early termination charge.

Line is currently £20 a month after discount - they advised early termination would be £27 because discount would not be allowed to be added, advised me to phone again on 1st december as thats my payment direct debit date and I would of officially paid the final bill

I got onto this as they have still not allowed me to hand my 30 days notice in so from the date of transferring - my line would still be active therefore Vodafone attempting to bill me for an additional month


I phoned again to hand in my notice and was advised once the PAC is used thats me terminating the contract so I did not need to hand in my notice, they said a final bill would be calculated upto the date I transfer out and any additional cost would be refunded to my account as a credit the following month


I am aware that if I do not hand in notice now - using a PAC code would not matter as im still on a rolling contract and would therefore have to pay upto 08/01/2019 using the pac code on 01/12/2018 and not handing in my 30 days notice from today


My bill is calculated from 22nd of each month and they have advised me that I will be charged from 22/11/2018 to the date I transfer out - Having been a contract phone customer with vodafone since 2007 and fed up with their lies and cons I now intend to leave but I am wary of any tricks being tried.

Can anyone assist?


Thanks in advance

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17: Community Champion

If you want to take your number to another UK network via a pac then you don't need to also give 30 days notice @Chaderz1990

Basically get your pac from Vodafone which remains alive for 30 days and give it to your new network a day or so before your contract is due to end but not any early upgrade date. 

Once the new network uses the pac your Vodafone account will automatically end and Vodafone will send you the final bill in 2-4 weeks. 


Please leave your direct debit open until you pay the final bill and receive a £0 bill and sorry your leaving letter. 

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3: Seeker

Ive phoned Vodafone again since, yes theyve just clarified I dont need to give 30 days aswell as request a PAC, however the lady on the phone said as soon as I use my PAC request thats the 30 days notice, so rather than give the PAC at the end of the contract as I asked her, her reply was no because then it will take your account to January


I think she has got confused and I now will be billed an early termination charge rather than my contract end as normal because I have given the PAC code to my new provider

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17: Community Champion

Yes as soon as the new network uses the pac the Vodafone account terminates. 

If you've given this to your new UK network before your Vodafone Contract end date then their will be an early termination fee to pay. 

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3: Seeker

another one of Vodafones cons huh


cant use PAC code before contract ends because you incur an early termination charge


Have to request PAC code to be able to give the notice

So vodafone want you to give notice later than your 30 days left on your contract so you have to pay more anyway?


Glad im leaving, absolutely disgusting behaviour.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Chaderz1990



If you have been told there will be an early termination charge that is not correct.


As the contract ends 8th December, with line rental paid 30 days in advance, you will already have paid for the final month. The advisor was correct when she mentioned not waiting until the end of contract because it would have taken you into January.  If you have used the PAC the only charges on your final bill should only be the odd out of bundle extra.


The only thing you need to make sure you do is to keep the direct debit open until you receive the final bill with a 0.00 balance, you will then be assured there is nothing further owing and any credit due back to you has been put into your account.


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16: Advanced member

When nearing end of contract, you have 3 option,
1. Call Vodafone and agree on a new Contract. The Remaining time in your current contract is added to your new contract.

2. Give 30 days Notice (Has to be exact 30 days) to terminate your contract.

3. Get the PAC and give to other Network. The day your Number is transferred you Vodafone Contract terminates.  No need to give 30 day Notice.

For 2 and 3 you can do anytime you wish, however any remaining time in your contract has to be paid for. The Early Termination Fee is calculated on the Full Line Rental before any Discount and VAT for just the remaining days.


If your last bill has been paid and you have paid up beyond the date you terminate your contract, and you don't have any out of bundle usage, most likely you will be incredit.

Important thing to keep in mind is the Penultimate bill will be produced on the same date as your Billing Cycle and whether debit or credit, and payment collected/refunded 10 days after your Billing date.

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